AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag review

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag review

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag reviewSimply this is amazing golf travel bag that is better than expected. It is a must have tool even for regular use. Amazonbasics is completely light tuff, durable and easy to carry around. It is the bag used to carry all golf accessories

It is a well worth looking bag that can help those individuals who like playing golf. This bag is a perfect choice because of many reasons such as; good and extra pockets. By far this is the best value bag you could find in the market.

Amazonbasics has the padding that is thick on all sides. The handles and zippers are very sturdy. The wheels of the bag also feel like the high quality roller blade wheels. The travel bag provides ample protection for the clubs and accessories.

One thing that has impressed many people is the fact that the bag is smooth and very spacious. It has plenty of room inside where you can keep your extra balls, shoes, jackets and other personal essentials.

AmazonBasics Soft Sided Golf Travel Bag Review/ 5 Major features

1. Plenty of storage space

The bag offers enough compartment room that can hold the medium size golf together with a complete set of the golf clubs. The plenty of room inside can enable you toss in all your golf accessories.

The side pockets are big enough to hold extra accessories. In addition to holding clubs, shoes, bags, and other golfing extras, the bag can also be loaded up with other two small bags that have casual clothes for your travel.

The full-length zipper that can be zipped smoothly means an easy access for better packing and unpacking of accessories. The extra side pockets also offers more space to pack your hats, towels, golf trees, sunglasses and other tools.

2. Smooth rolling wheels

AmazonBasics golf bag features comfortable handle and smooth rolling wheels that enable effortless and convenient transport through the hotel lobbies and airports. It facilitates convenient transport of golf club set.

This is one of the most attractively designed golf equipment holders in sports industry. The bag is uniquely innovated with push and pulls skates for better rolling. It is absolutely a high quality bag that can protect the golf gears.

The rolling wheels are well designed with extremely durable material that offers maximum support. Unlike any other regular golf bag, the amazonbasics is completely excellent and can be used in different occasions and places.

3. The Construction Material

The material used to construct a golf travel bag is one of the most important aspects to look at as you take your bag. Most of the bags are constructed using best materials that make the bag function well.

The material used to construct this bag is not different. It is strong and sturdy. It facilitates quality and a lightweight material that is foldable enough for extra accessories and water-resistant.

The material ensures maximum support and a quality construction. It is also contoured in a way that it fits carry bags and other essentials.

4. Soft sided design

Your golf travel trip won’t be enjoyable and successful as you may wish If you don’t have a golf bag that is not impressively designed. The amazonbasics has a soft sided design that makes it look great as you carry it.

The design also makes it easy to carry. Apart from the design of this golf bag, it is made from a durable nylon fabric that normally withstands a test of time and much of wear and tear.

The reinforced stress points are strongly designed to withstand all that element of wear and tear. This bag is actually believed to be one of the best golf travel bags that you can use. The compression straps are designed in a way that keeps your clubs secure.

5. Resistant towards everything

Amazonbasics is basically resistant towards everything. This is because of its extremely durable materials that are used to construct it. It is a moisture resistant golf bag that users can trust that it can keep their accessories safe even during rainy days.

This bag is also dirt and dust resistant. It is therefore perfect to travel with it anywhere and your rare clubs will be safe. The users are highly impressed because of its durability and resistant mechanism.

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Why Should You Use AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag?

1. Easy travel

No need to leave this bag behind. This is because it is easy to travel with it. You can easily travel with it whether you are traveling for pleasure or business duty.

Amazonbasics makes it simple and easy to transport a set of golf clubs from your home into the hotel room and then back again.

The two loop center handles facilitates convenient lifting. This is absolutely great and can be easily used with fewer complications.

2. Cost and value

The cost and value of the bag is the most important thing that has made many users praise the tool. The bag is not that expensive compared to the value it offers.

Some users may say that it is relatively high in its cost, but offers great service. But compared to other bags in the same category, you can definitely agree that it is not that expensive to what it offers.

3. Luxury features

The luxury features of this travel golf bag are one of the reasons why you should have this bag. When it comes into quality travel, you cannot forget to mention this bag.

As mentioned above it has modern features such as smooth rolling wheels for better transportation to hotels or around the airport.

There are many luxury features that you can discover in this bag. It definitely has something special to offer for individuals who play golf.

4. Pocket solutions

This is one of the most simple travel bags for golf we have in the market today. It offers plenty of pockets where you can keep all your golf accessories.

It is a great travel alternative more especially when you have extra things to carry. The extra bonus pocket includes pockets where you can keep your shoes, gloves and many other things that may be necessary.

5. Padded carry strap

The padded carry strap is another great element that makes this bag outstanding. You will choose to use this bag because of the quality design of the handle and carrying straps.

They are precisely designed to enable you carry the bag with a lot of easiness that you cannot feel much pressure or weight of golf clubs as you carry them.

Product Benefits

  • Plenty of cool features
  • Soft sided design
  • Easy to use travel bag
  • Plenty of color choice
  • Easy to haul around
  • Resistant to everything
  • High quality nylon fabric construction
  • Easy to transport all your travel accessories
  • Reinforced stress points enable maximum durability
  • Different zippered compartments

The Negative Things

  • It is claimed by the users that this bag does not stand on its own
  • Somewhat heavy
FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the weight of the bag?


  1. Can this bag stand on its own after packing it?


  1. Can it fit the tournament size golf bag?

Yes but it will depend on the size

  1. Is the bag waterproof?

Absolutely yes

  1. Can it fit the cart bag?


Final Verdict

Golfers have a great dream of traveling across the country or world to visit various golf courses. This will definitely happen with the help of amazonbasics travel bag. This bag is absolutely great as we have seen above.

It offers plenty of modern and advanced features that will help you achieve your dreams. It is impressively designed with plenty of room inside where you can put all your golf accessories.

As we have discussed, this bag is popular because of its pretty features that includes; smooth rolling wheels, quality constructed materials, soft sided design, effective cost and many other features as mentioned above.

Majority of users have praised this product because of its ever pleasing performance. Therefore if you are looking for a quality golf travel bag, then this is the perfect choice.


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