Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag Review

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag Review

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag ReviewIndividuals who like playing golf would prefer to use only best golf travel bag when they go to play golf. Athletico padded golf travel bag is one of the best bags in the sports industry. This bag is popular among the golf players.

The travel golf bag is made of sturdy fabric material that enables it withstand outside elements. It is well sized to carry golf club sets of different sizes and lengths. This makes it easy to transport and comfortable to carry when traveling.

It is made of 600D polyester. This material is known to be very strong. Apart from being made of strong material, this travel golf bag has vinyl base that helps the bag resist scuffs and abrasions.

Athletic padded golf travel bag is well designed that you can carry it over the shoulder easily. It also fit in easily and keeps your golf clubs safe when traveling.

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag Review/ 5 Major features

1. Made of 600D Polyester

Since athletic padded golf travel bag is mostly used on outdoor events, the bag is made of strong material that can withstand all the outdoor elements like moisture, dust, wear and tear and many others. The brand is made of durable fabric.

This is the carrier that you will need on your professional trips or vacations. The polyester material is also easy to wash and gets dry quickly. This material has a great ability of withstanding a lot of weight.

Nothing makes this bag more outstanding other than this feature. In addition to its ability to withstand a lot of external elements, the material also looks attractive and makes your bag look nice and enjoyable to carry.

2. Nicely Padded

This is an awesome travel golf bag that is well padded inside to protect the clubs from getting damaged. It comes with the padded straps and a Velcro closure. When you lock this two together, you will definitely carry your bag with style.

It comes with the padded and detachable shoulder strap that allows comfort to the back and shoulder. It features a 5mm of the padding throughout to facilitate protection of the golf clubs.

The golf travel case is mostly used when you are traveling on an airplane. It is mostly used at the airport or for an extra protection to your essentials.

3. Lightweight

The bag itself weighs very light with a soft sided case that helps you escape the excessive strain while traveling. It is made of materials that are not heavy. The size of the bag is also not that big to make it heavy.

The athletico padded golf travel bag has padded carry straps that locks with the Velcro closure to make it simple to carry. With this straps the user cannot feel the weight of the essentials since it is comfortably made to be lightweight.

The soft-sided case is absolutely lightweight, so it does not add any extra stress when you are carrying the bag. The added removable shoulder straps also ensure that it relieves additional stress on the back.

4. Roomy and spacious

You are definitely guarantees the value of your money if you purchase this golf travel bag. This is because it is roomy and spacious. The bag can carry all your golf accessories with a lot of easiness.

The bag has enough and spacious room inside where the user can pack all the accessories well. The room inside is big enough to carry extra essentials like clothes, shoes and any other essential that you may carry to use.

The user can also fold away this bag when it is not in use. Folding up the bag will make it compact in size making it easier to store when you are not using it.

5. Attractive Design

Build with heavy duty materials, the bag looks attractive and it is well designed to ensure maximum comfort and protection. The high quality handles are designed with a strap and two straps padding for better durability and easy carrying.

The inside of the bag is well designed with different divider systems for proper packing. It has a top divider system that enables easy removal of items and it saves time also. The dividers have a separate spot for every set of the club.

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Why should you use athletico padded golf travel bag

1. Easy to carry

The athletico padded golf travel bag has padded carry straps that lock easily with a Velcro closure. These straps helpful in carrying your golf bag easily like duffel.

Its sides are soft and lightweight reducing additional stress in carrying. The padded removable straps help in reducing back strain when carrying it. It is therefore important to choose this bag because it offers maximum comfort.

2. Strong and durable

The golf bag is built using 600D polyester material. This material is well known to be more strong and durable. There is also a vinyl base to offer protection from other external factors that may damage the bag.

When you choose this bag, you will be able to use it for quite a long period. You will definitely enjoy its services and benefits. Compared to other bags in the same industry, this bag is absolutely durable and long lasting.

3. Can be folded when not in use

The athletico bag can easily be rolled up to a minimal compact size for easy storage and better portability. This helps free up space that otherwise could be wasted if it was not able to fold. Its removable straps are a plus for space when storing.

4. Padded to safeguard your golf equipment

Throughout the whole bag, it is padded with a 5mm thick material. It has an internal lining that is made solely to protect your gulf clubs. The padding is thick and enforced with the polyester giving your equipments protection from damage.

After all you want something that will not only carry your equipments but also ensure the equipments are not damaged. This is another reason as to why you should use the athletico padded golf travel bag.

5. It is cost effective

Comparing what the bag offers and the price you pay for it, you can say that it is cost effective.

Having a removable shoulder straps, a thick 5mm padding, a hard and thick protective vinyl base, padded handles and a 600D polyester that gives you a long-term service, it is safe to say it is affordable compared to other golf bags with the same price tag.

The athletico padded bag offers more and is built to withstand wear and tear. This bag is cost effective and is a leader in its category, offering the best comfort and protection to your golf equipments.

Product Benefits

  • Thick padding that protects the clubs
  • Lucrative design
  • It is lightweight
  • Quality product at an affordable price
  • Highly durable
  • Enough storage to fit your golf gadgets
  • Can be folded
  • Has removable shoulder straps
  • Very sturdy
  • Attractive with a good zipper

The Negative Things

  • The D rings are not the best
  • Does not have wheels, though this is not a hindrance to its performance
  • Straps can come off

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do athletico padded golf travel bag have wheels?

No wheels. It has padded shoulder straps and center handles to help in carrying it.

  1. How do you fasten its carry strap?

The removable shoulder straps clips onto the two D shaped metal. The center handles are sewn onto the bag.

  1. Does it have enough room for balls and golf shoes?

Yes it does have enough room to fit your golf balls and your golf shoes.

  1. How much does athletico padded golf travel bag weigh?

An empty athletico padded bag weighs 4 pounds.

  1. Is the bag waterproof?

The bag is water resistant.

Final verdict

Any golfer must have a golf travel bag for easy transportation of golf clubs. The transportation should be easier and comfortable. The durability of a travel bag should be considered because you don’t want to keep buying a new travel bag each month.

This is why you should go for the athletico padded golf travel bag. It is durable, strong to withstand wear and tear, comfortable, protective, padded and affordable. Its comfort is on another level while its price is reachable.


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