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Latest Best Rolling Suitcase for Toddler Review

Latest Best Rolling Suitcase for Toddler ReviewNo single type of luggage suits all kinds of trip, that’s why we have multiple types of luggage to choose from. But deciding which luggage to pick could become a very big decision as it determines the success of our trip.

Also, providing our kids with a travel suitcase is an awesome way to get them involved in the packing process. Backpacks could be a great idea but not when we have to walk some distance, it could be stressful and might even ruin our well-planned trip.

Your trip might require long walks through the Airport corridor or other minor distance that could present minor effects which when put together brings a huge effect on how successful our trip would be.

However, Best Rolling suitcase for toddlers could be the best choice for long walks during trips as kids could ride it, and it could also be fun for them.

After deciding what type of luggage we wish to travel with, picking the right and affordable product could become a serious problem, as we would love to avoid an embarrassing trip with our kids because of torn luggage, broken wheels or wrong packing of suitcases.

Top 10 Best Rolling Suitcase for Toddlers 2019 – Reviews and Comparisons:

Picture Name Description Rating Price
Yodo Zoo 3-way Toddler Backpack Brand: Yodo
Dimensions: 9.4 x 4.3 x 14.6 inches
Weight: 1.9 pounds
Color: Medium-Dinosaur
Model number: CA424045-02

Goplus 2Pc 12”16” Kids Carry On Luggage Brand: Goplus
Dimensions: 18.9 x 12.5 x 9.1 inches
Weight: 6.13 pounds
Color: Deer & Birds

Hauptsadtkoffer Kids Luggage Brand: Hauptstadtkoffer
Dimensions: 8.7 x 11.8 x 18.5 inches
Weight: 3.53 pounds
Color: Applegreen
Model number: HK-KIDS-AP

Rockland Jr. kids’ My First Luggage Brand: Rockland
Dimensions: 11 x 13 x 17 inches
Weight: 5.5 pounds
Color: Dinosaur
Model number: B02-DINOSAUR

Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage Brand: Stephen Joseph
Dimensions: 8.5 x 18 x 14.5 inches
Weight: 2.51 pounds
Style: Red Dino
Model number: SJ-8001-59A-

Personalized Kids Rolling Luggage Brand: DIBSIES Personalization Station
Dimensions: 14.5″ x 18″ Approx.
Color: Princess
Model number: SJ-800104

Mercury Luggage Children’s Going to Grandma’s Wheeled upright Brand: MERCURY
Dimensions: 6.5 x 11.8 x 15.5 inches
Weight: 2.85 pounds
Color: Red
Model number: GG-616-TR+-BL

Hello Kitty On A Rainbow Multicolor Pilot Case Luggage Brand: FAB Starpoint
Dimensions: 20.5 x 13 x 7 inches
Weight: 2.95 pounds
Model number: 10462503


Finding out if something is missing halfway on your trip or realizing that you can’t reach a vital gizmo or equipment because your suitcase is not well packed could be pretty annoying. You could avoid these minor issues by following these steps to pack your toddler suitcase.

1. Make a List And Double Check

Travelling requires some understanding of the weather, a number of days you will be away and other personal things. Making a list of things you would pack putting into consideration these factors is a perfect start.

Few days before your trip, set a list of things you would be needing for your journey, go through them some days later to see if you are missing anything.

Toiletries could be vital but easily forgotten. Your list helps to remind you of these little things that could slip through your mind if packed otherwise.

2. Layout Everything on Your Bed

Lay all the stuff on your list on top your bed, and carefully check them. This would help you in knowing how much stuff you are bringing and how every day of your trip is supposed to look like.

Set out each days outfit on your bed including underwear. Put additional underwear just in case.

3. Keep it together

Fold all the pieces of your outfit together each for each day one of your vacations. Keeping them together makes it easier to follow your plan for a successful trip.

4. Vertical Fold

 Fold them in a vertical form, this would make it easier to reach when required. This method also makes everything visible and accessible without digging into your suitcase.

5. Laundry

Pack a small sealable bag full of detergents. They might be required for small sink washes probably from unpredicted stains. Other than staying the whole day in a stained dress.

6. Storage bag

 Make it handy for extremely dirty wears and wet clothes. You could use a grocery bag or any reusable bag.

7. Shoes and Socks

 Tuck socks into the shoes and packs them in a grocery bag. So as to make it compact and luggable.

8. Toys and Books

 Permit your kids to take a few of their favorite toys and books with them. Or get them something new that they definitely would love.


1. Yodo Zoo 3-way Toddler Backpack

Luggage usually comes with trolley and wheels but sometimes we get tired of dragging luggage behind us, probably because of a sticky or grassy ground.

However, this Yodo Zoo 3-way Toddler backpack would provide you with different options. With this, we would be able to decide whether we want it as a backpack or luggage, why? Because it has these options on it.

The trolleys are covered with thick padding panels so as to make users feel comfortable when they use it as a backpack.

The wheels, on the other hand, could also be protected with the aid of the storage bag at the bottom which has elastic bindings.

Yodo 3-way backpack comes in two sizes. The large size is about 11.8 x 7 x 18 inches, while the medium size is about 9.5 x 4.5 x 14.5 inches.


  • It has a 3-way Playful Luggage for kids. It could be used as a handbag, a piece of luggage, or a backpack. Anyhow your kids love it.
  • Multifunctional Design makes it grow with Toddler for years. You could use it as a school bag, travel luggage or even a little diaper bag.
  • It features a Spacious Compartment with Zip Pocket inside- It is large enough for day-care or weekend trip, even ideal for a long plane trip or international travel. Two zips allow kids to open in two directions.
  • The product has a Thick Padded Panel at Back Side- There is an additional thick padded panel at the back side to hide back strap, and also cover trolley depending on which way we wish to use the product. Wheels are also protected by elastic storage bags.
  • It has a Padded Front Pouch- Large pouch for quick access to snack, toys, iPad, and others.
  • It also contains two mesh pockets on its two sides for holding of bottles, shoes, snack or some essentials. Playful lids make travel time so joyful.

2. Goplus 2Pc 12”16” Kids Carry On Luggage

The Goplus kids carryon luggage comes as a pair. It includes a cute animal shaped suitcase and a matching backpack to go along with or to be used on separate occasions.

This set includes a 16” trolley suitcase with multi-directional wheels with a user-friendly telescoping handle which is capable of making your trip super convenient.

And also, there is a 12” backpack and 2 adjustable straps for easy carriage. The backpack could also be used as a diaper bag or school bag after vacation.

It also makes it easier to access things we would require on our way without having to dig into our luggage.


  • The Goplus kids carryon luggage is made of durable Polycarbonate giving it a long-lasting lifespan and make resistant to tears.
  • The product is lightweight. It weighs about 6lbs making it easier to carry without adding additional weight.
  • Its lightweight makes it easier to carry for long without feeling any discomfort due to tiredness or additional weight.
  • Goplus Kids carry on consist of two types of luggage. One is a 16 x 12 x 8.5 inches trolley and a 12 x 10 x 4.7 inches backpack.
  • The product is easy to Clean. The less complex design of the luggage makes it easier to clean with assembling and use. It could be cleaned with mild soap and a soft brush.

3. Hauptsadtkoffer Kids Luggage

Haupstadtkoffer kids luggage suitcase comes with four smooth wheels for very high ride comfort.

It is suitable for long distance walk like in the airport corridor. It is an 18 inches suitcase with no additional backpack. Hauptsadtkoffer is designed to promote easy mobility and also generate a lot of fun for your kids as they ride on it.

Its size gives enough space to include additional luggage most traditional suitcase wouldn’t permit. Its light weight also makes it easy to drag along without too much stress or energy applied. It consists of a glossy surface and is made from polycarbonate.


  • It is a four-wheeler. This product contains four smooth wheels for very high ride comfort. Kids love to ride on their luggage and play along the way. Its smooth wheels allow you to ride on grassy areas without much resistance.
  • It is made of a telescopic handle of anodized aluminum, with an ergonomic grip.
  • It is made up of elastic cross ribbons to secure packed clothes.
  • It is made of polycarbonate and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which is responsible for its plastic nature.
  • It resists tearing from sharp objects inside and outside the luggage.

4. Rockland Jr. kids’ My First Luggage

Rockland Jr. Kids’ My First Luggage is made of Polycarbonate. It is one of the quality products made by Rockland.

The bag is magnificently designed. It’s a bag that kid would enjoy using, you know why? There are so many futuristic that can seize the ecstasy of children.

The design on it alone is absolutely intriguing. It’s an animated cartoon that would suggest a playful and pleasant moment to them.

Not only that, it has wheels and a retractable telescoping handle which any individual can utilize in the convenient use of the bag. There is an inline skate for the easy movement of the bag. It’s a bag that can stand upright all alone.

It doesn’t occupy spaces at all but its size is awesome for kinds below to years to lug from one area to another.


  • The product features a Fun Animal Character- We cannot deny how much our children love their toys and other inanimate things with lifelike structures.
  • This product is designed to give the same satisfaction to our kids as their toys provide.
  • They could end up discussing with their suitcase and reply as though it heard them taking their mind away from the stress and length of the journey.
  • It has Four Rotatable Wheels – Rockland Jr. Kids’ My First Luggage consist of four easy roll 360-degree spin wheels.
  • The product consists of an Adjustable Handle- It handles is adjustable to a required length for both parents and kids.
  • Fully Lined And Rubber Zipper Pulls For Easy Grip For Little Hands.

5. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

All kids want to be like mom and dad, getting them a suitcase that looks like that of an adult could be a great idea. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage is one of the best products made by Stephen Joseph.

It consists of two small handy side pockets for phones snacks and any other valuable. It consists of a back pocket for toys iPad and others.

It stands upright with two front wheels. These bags are made of polyester with bright and colorful screen printed designs.

Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage is usually about 18 inches high and 14.5 inches wide, just enough to fit our weekend travel.


  • This product contains Multiple Pockets for Safe-keeping- The bag consists of about three pockets with zippers to prevent loss of valuables.
  • It has Extendable Handle For Easy Rolling- Our kids might get tired of rolling their luggage and require you to help them out. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage consists of an extendable handle for both parents and kids.
  • It is made of 100% Nylon- These bags are made from nylon and polyesters. They are slightly elastic creating more space for additional clothes. Their handles are made of plastics and they consist of two smooth front wheels.

6. Personalized Kids Rolling Luggage

One size does not fit all so give your kids the sense of independence with their very own luggage. Having a piece of rolling luggage means a lot to our kids give them that satisfaction with Personalized kids Rolling Luggage.

It is designed to be just the right height for any size for your little ones. It consists of a front pocket and two side pockets giving them access to their favorite toy, snack or charger without having to carry an extra bag or digging into their luggage.

It is made of Nylon and Polyesters and is big enough to contain even their blanket.

Features of Personalized Kids Rolling Luggage

  • It consists of a Front and two Side Pockets- Personalized kids rolling luggage features a front accessory pocket and two side pockets for quick and easy access to fun items like snacks, toys phones, iPad, earpiece and chargers. Pockets also have zippers for safe keeping.
  • It is made up of Durable Nylon- It is made from expandable Nylon and Polyester which can withstand worldly travel.
  • This product has the perfect Size for your kid. Personalized Kids Rolling Luggage is approximately 14.5 inches wide and 18 inches long. Just the right size for your toddler.
  • This Product features an Extendable handle- its handle can be extended to the required length just enough to suit both young travelers and parents.

7. Mercury Luggage Children’s Going to Grandma’s Wheeled upright

This is one of the best products for young travelers made by mercury luggage. Mercury Luggage children’s going to Grandma’s wheeled upright is just perfect for a sleepover or weekend stay at Grandma’s place or any other place.

It features a large double zippered main compartment, a front pocket with double zippers, a locking telescopic handle, and an outside wheel system with inline skate wheels.

It features a front pocket with two zippers for safe keeping and large enough to contain books, toys, chargers, phones etc.


  • Mercury luggage is known for their lightweight but durable products, children’s going to Grandma’s wheeled upright is no different. It weighs about 2.85 pounds.
  • This bag has the perfect size for young travelers. It has a dimension of 6.5 inches x 11.8 inches x 15.5 inches.
  • This product is a two-wheeler. It consists of two front wheels and rear plastic stands to keep it upright. Unlike some other suitcase.
  • It features a Double zippered compartment- It consists of a double zipper main compartment big enough to contain even a blanket.
  • It features an extendable handle for both parents and young travelers.

8. Hello Kitty On A Rainbow Multicolor Pilot Case Luggage

Hello Kitty on a Rainbow Multicolor Pilot case Luggage is considered as girls travel suitcase because of its fancy multicolor and kitty cat.

Travelling with toddlers is not an easy job, sometimes our kids cannot tell what they really want, and sometimes they might get attached to one of their toys and feel every other thing is irrelevant till they have a need for them.

The extendable handle makes it easier to drag along both as a parent and a toddler. It features two front wheels and two back stands to keep it upright without falling.


  • This bag features a Dual zipper- Hello kitty on a rainbow multicolor pilot case luggage features a dual zipper in its main compartment.
  • It is a two-wheeler. Its two front wheels make it easy to roll.
  • It features a Pink adjustable Handle- Its adjustable handle is one of its great features. It can be adjusted to any required length for easy carriage by parents or toddlers.
  • Hello Kitty On a rainbow Pilot Case Luggage measures about 16.25 inches height, 11.75 inches long and 6 inches width.
  • Durable quality and great for a carryon.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Rolling Suitcase for Toddler

Not all suitcases are created equal but they have a lot in common. They usually come with handles, wheel, and zippers.

You might want to find out the differences between the different kinds of luggage or wait to find out the hard way. Different kinds of suitcases are required for different kinds of journeys. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a piece of luggage.

How Far would you be travelling, what you are going there to do? If you travelling halfway around the world, you probably going to need a hard-sided suitcase that is large enough to keep your belongings safe.

If you are headed to a far place that requires a lot of corridors walks you might want to consider buying a light weighted suitcase to avoid additional stress.

1. How Long

The length of your trip determines a lot when choosing a carryon. You probably have to choose a large suitcase, if you will be gone for a very long time. The best suitcase for international travels is usually bigger than the average weekend travel.

Large suitcases are ideal for two to one month break while medium suitcases are ideal for weeklong vacations.

2. How Safe?

When it comes to keeping your belongings safe you can never be too careful. You have to decide whether you want a soft-sided or hard-sided suitcase, should it be zip closure or three-point lock?

It all depends on where you are headed and what kind of journey awaits you.

After deciding on what product you should buy, below are some qualities to check for when buying your suitcase.

3. Luggable

90 per cent of luggage sold today usually comes with wheels. The problem is choosing whether four-wheel luggage would be better or two-wheel luggage. Four-wheel luggage is easy to spin and maneuver, unlike two-wheel luggage.

With four-wheel luggage, you can wheel the luggage in any direction and is easy to navigate in aeroplane aisles and tight spaces. The downside is that your luggage might roll away if you find yourself on an incline or sloppy ground.

A two-wheeler goes forward and backwards only. Two wheelers are better for rolling on sidewalks, and uneven surfaces. The downside is that they are not as ergonomic as four wheelers.

4. Durability

Handles that retracts completely into the bags are less likely to sustain damage. Also, its movement should be smooth. For maximum durability, the handle should have little or no wiggling.

Checks the zippers if made of polyesters or metal coils. Those made of metal coils last better than polyesters.

Whirl the wheels to check if they are the weak point. Check if the wheels roll smoothly and jiggle them with your hand to know if they are firmly attached.


When it comes to a successful vacation, one could never overstate the necessity for efficient planning. We wouldn’t want our well-planned vacation to be ruined by making the wrong choices.

A fun trip and a happy vacation with our toddler could be fun memories and a great way to bond with our kids, therefore, it is important we choose the right things when planning our trip.

Toddlers get attached to things easily and would want to spend more time with them if they enjoyed it the first time.

Our kids might love to travel just because they enjoy the company of the wonderful suitcase they were given. As a parent, the decision rest on us to provide this joy for them but this task gets difficult sometimes.

Above are lists of the best selling and affordable suitcases for toddlers to choose from depending on our trip. Things to consider when taking a vacation and how to plan for one are stated above to help you plan a better family trip.


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