How to Clean a Travel Bag?

How to clean a travel bag

How to clean a travel bag

Most people believe that cleaning travelling bags is damaging them and reducing their life span. This is absolutely true if cleaning is done in the wrong way.

As a matter of fact, most bags reduce their life span by more than 50% due to poor cleaning methods and use of inappropriate detergents.

Cleaning your travel bag is necessary. This is because it helps you enjoy carrying it and it ensures that your items are safe. These travel bags are made of different materials.

We have those bags made from nylon, linen and even plastic.

Check the material of your bag to determine how you are going to clean it.

1. Gathering Equipment

First of all, ensure that you have the bag itself, water, detergents, and cleaning cloth. Before proceedings, note the following things before your cleaning process begins.

Material of the bag –as we will see, the material of the bag makes all the difference when it comes to cleaning.

Nonetheless, all the materials require you to be gentle to avoid damage. Manufacturer’s instructions –  most bags’ linings and linens comes with a manufactures tag that shows which method of cleaning them is safe and which one is unsafe.

Other materials you may need include warm water, leather conditioner and cleaning brush.

2. Preparation

  • Remove everything from the bag
  • Ensure that the soft cloth for cleaning is wet
  • Check the material of the bag to determine how you are going to clean it
  • Have enough water to use in cleaning
  • Check to confirm if you also have a leather conditioner which will be used for cleaning leather bags
  • Have the vacuum cleaner with you
  • Check and ensure that the bug is completely dry.

3. 1st Step

Start by ensuring that you remove all items inside the bag. Cleaning bags with items like tissue paper or money inside is very common. To avoid this, ensure that you check to see no item is left inside the bag on any pocket.

Check all the pockets one by one and if you find any material remove it and set it aside. Open all the zip to confirm that everything is completely removed. Check well even on small pockets or small designed opening.

4. 2nd Step

Most travel bags have detachable parts. Mostly straps and linen. To make cleaning thorough and easier, detach them from the bag. Remove everything that is attached to the bag. Open all the zips of small pockets and clean their inside.

This is done using a vacuum cleaner. The cleaner removes all debris, dust and dirt ensuring that the inside is sparkling clean. Be sure to clean all the pockets too. Clean the inside by going through the inside walls of the bag for a perfect cleaning.

5. 3rd Step

Here, cleaning mainly depends on the material of the lining or the detached item as in; Nylon- for nylon, use a mild detergent and a wet soft cloth. Be gentle. Washing it roughly will end up damaging it.

Linen- here, dust and stains are scrubbed away using a soft brush. (an old toothbrush can be used instead.) use some water and baking soda.

Plastic- if the lining is plastic, carefully wipe it with a damp cloth using warm water and mild detergent. Once rinsed, dry it off to prevent water marks

6. 4th Step

Where you do not intend to clean the bag on the outside in the same day, place the bag in an aerated place to dry. As in cleaning the inside, cleaning the outside as well depends on the material of the bag.

Leather- in actual sense, leather is very sensitive. It should be cleaned cautiously and in the right way or it will be damaged.

Use a leather conditioner and then leave it to dry. Soft materials- bags made of a soft material should be cleaned using a soft wet cloth and a mild detergent.

Plastic parts- as earlier mentioned, a soft damp cloth and mild detergent is used. Dry the parts immediately to prevent formation of water marks.

Aluminum- if in any case there is a part made of aluminum, use water alone to clean it. detergents damage aluminum surfaces by leaving ugly marks.

7. 5th Step

Use hot soapy water to clean the zips and wheels making sure that you remove all the dirt. At the same time, care should be taken to ensure that the soapy water does not drip on other parts causing damage.

Boil some water and mix it with the detergent. Use this water in cleaning all the hard parts such as legs, wheels or even zip. Find a hard brush and thoroughly clean the parts with this hot water.

8. Repetition

When you are done cleaning, leave the travel bag in open air to dry. Make sure that the bag should not be dried in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may damage your bag easily. Let it dry in an open place that is warm with cool air.

Always clean your bag by following the above procedures. Leather bags should not be cleaned every time since they can get destroyed easily. Ensure that you know well how the detergent you will use can react with the material of the bag.

Final Verdict

Travel bags are exposed to dirt so much. When travelling, they are likely to get dusty from roads, fields and many more places. This means that they need regular cleaning which as seen above must be done in the right way.

Regular cleaning of the bag is much necessary. This is because it helps you carry all the items you may need when travelling. The bag as we have seen can be made using different materials. The material of the bag is absolutely a bigger determinant when cleaning.


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