How to Pack a Suit in a Duffel Bag?

How to pack a suit in a duffel bag

How to pack a suit in a duffel bag As a gentleman, knowing how to pack your suit well in the duffel bag is very important. Business travel needs you to look good and smart. Packing your suit correctly will keep your suit safe from wrinkles and stains.

Whether you are going for a business duty or simply packing for a wedding, packing it correctly in the duffel bag  takes more thought than just stuffing it in the suitcase. Collared shirts, suits and even dress pants needs good care when traveling or packing them.

With smart folding techniques, this actually becomes an important thing to do in order to avoid paying for the dry cleaning at the destination of your travel. Learn how to pack them properly.

There are many ways and methods on which you can pack your suit in the duffel bag so that they don’t get wrinkled. These ways are described below and all of them adhere into a basic principle that ensures they look good and are wrinkles free.

1. Cleaning the suit

Cleaning your suit is the first thing to do. Ensure that you take your suit to the dry cleaner’s at least some days before. One week before can be better. This is to ensure that your suit is in tip-top shape free from stains and wrinkles.

Make sure that the cleaner presses your suit well in addition to removing the stains. You can also iron the suit yourself if you don’t have time to wait for the cleaner to do it for you. Ensure that the lapels are ironed well if you are doing it yourself.

2. Preparations

  • Create the packing list of all items that you may need on your trip. This list will help you to ensure that you don’t forget anything that is important and prevents you from packing extra things that you may not need on the trip.
  • Before packing your suit in the duffel bag, ensure that you check the weather report
  • Ensure that your bag is also clean and ready. Check if your bag has any stains or damages and clean it or repair the damages

3. 1st step

Start with the jacket and turn it around or inside out so that its lining is on the outside. Turning it this way will ensure that the outer fabric of a jacket is safe from any wrinkles as you pack it in the bag.

Pop the shoulders of the jacket inside out so that you can easily fold it. Turn the suit jacket over on the flat surface and ensure that the bottom of the jacket faces you. Gather all the shoulders and straighten the jacket material out after folding the shoulders.

4. 2nd step

Place the forearm horizontally on the middle of your suit jacket and then fold its top over. This will help in creating roughly square which fits easily in the suitcase.

You can also do it traditionally by placing the jacket inside out on a flat surface. Then fold the left side to the right side of the jacket for the arm to overlap the center of the jacket slightly.

Take the right side of the jacket and fold it backward. Also take the left side of the jacket and fold it the same way. Line both lapels and ensure that the arms overlap while the lapels run parallel with each other.

5. 3rd step

After folding your suit jacket well, you can then place it in the plastic bag to protect and separate it from other clothes in the bag. Place it inside and seal the plastic bag carefully. You can also use the sheet or any other sturdy plastic material to cover the jacket.

Place the wrapped suit jacket in the bag and try keeping the jacket as flat as possible.  Never compress it or put other items on top of the suit. This will help in avoiding the formation of any wrinkles.

4. 4th step

After finishing with your jacket suit, you can now fold the pants or trouser following their pleats. Make sure you only make lengthwise and vertical fold. This way of folding is best for pants that have pleats.

By folding vertical along the pleats will make your pants look good even if they become wrinkles. This is because the wrinkles that appear continuous will appear as the result of the ironed pant.

Roll your pants in order to save some space. If the space is small, you can roll your pants to fit correctly on the bag. Fold it half vertically and then lay it on the clean flat surface. Roll the legs of the pant into the tight bundle to prevent it from getting wrinkles.

7. 5th step

Folding the collared shirt is the next thing to do. Button your shirt and then lay it to face down on the flat surface. It is not necessary to button all the button, you only need few of them to keep the front part of the shirt closed.

Make vertical folds of the shirt along the back and ensure they are folded inward. Straighten all the edges of your shirt to keep it parallel and uniform. Ensure that you fold everything as required before you pack them to your bag.

8. Pack in the bag

After ensuring that your suit is well folded, you can pack it in the bag. Start with the jacket and then the pants. The shirt shall come last at the top. If there are other clothes in the bag, ensure that you arrange everything nicely to avoid wrinkles.

After reaching your destination, unpack everything carefully. Make sure you remove the jacket from the plastic bag the moment you reach at your travel destination. This is to prevent any wrinkles and keep your jacket straightened.

Final Verdict

Packing a suit in a duffel bag sometimes it is a big challenge to many people, but with proper steps, you will definitely make it perfect and your trip will be successful as you would wish.

As indicated above, it is also important to carry your suit in the garment bag. Fold your suit pants by simply rolling them carefully. This helps in minimizing space and prevents your suits from creases and wrinkles.


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