Protravelone Men’s Cosmetic Travel Bag Review

    Protravelone Men’s Cosmetic Travel Bag Review

    Protravelone Men’s Cosmetic Travel Bag ReviewFeaturing a very high quality fashionable bag, Protravelone Men’s Cosmetic Travel Bag has outstanding features that makes it stand out in the flooded market.

    This travel bag is actually a huge bag that is capable of holding all of your essentials. It is built with a horsehide leather material which is very strong. The generous size of the bag makes it very functional. It has a superb quality and craftsmanship.

    The bag is distinctive and it is actually a perfect gift for any man that will not disappoint. It is designed with expertise to ensure that all your needs are satisfied.

    Not only it is made of leather which is a strong material, it is also well designed. Its design makes it look attractive and appealing with its nice colors.

    Protravelone Men’s Cosmetic Travel Bag Review/ 5 Major feature

    1. Durability

    Protravelone Men’s Cosmetic Travel Bag is exceptionally durable. As a matter of fact, it is designed to serve you for a life time. The sturdy construction has a durable PU leather that is scratch and water resistant.

    Consequently, all the valuables that are put in the versatile bag are safe, protected from all liquids that may pour in the bag accidentally. The durable material is also odorless.

    This is complemented by the high quality smooth zippers that will indeed last for as long as you need it. This implies that you will no longer have to deal with zip problems whatsoever.

    2. Spacious interior

    If you travel frequently, you agree with me that packing is one of the most boring parts of the trip. This is absolutely true when you have a bag that is inappropriate. Too large bags will cause you to carry unnecessary items while too small is very stressing.

    Protravelone Men’s Cosmetic Travel Bag has an ideal size that will fit all the necessary items perfectly. It has a spacious interior that will ensure that all the basic things fit in.

    The frustration free design is a complete kit which includes a smaller bag that is free. The small bag adds on to organization of items in the bag.

    3. Compartments and ergonomic handles

    Having a bag with only one compartment is indeed stressing to pack in. The situation is worse when you want to remove something specific from the bag. Actually, many at times you end up disorganizing all the items.

    This sturdy construction however has compartments. This allows you to organize your items separately guaranteeing quick access of items. It also has a mesh pocket which helps you to be even more organized.

    The multi compartments design has a handle that allows secure, firm yet comfortable grip. The handle is made of solid leather as well which complements its durability.

    4. Versatile

    Whether it is a weekend out, work or even gym, Protravelone Men’s Cosmetic Travel Bag is an idyllic bag. It’s ideal size fits perfectly in the backpack or your carryon without strain.

    The multipurpose design is therefore a perfect gift that will not disappoint you or the person that you will gift it with. It can be used in many occasions thus it is an all in one solution.

    Made of durable material, the tough construction stands very harsh conditions making it an ideal travel bag. It is lightweight, weighing around 11.7 pounds. This adds onto its portability.

    5. 12-months warranty

    Protravelone Men’s Cosmetic Travel Bag is to a large extent associated with luxury and high prices. While this is not absolutely undeniable, the price fits the bag and is indeed worth investing in.

    It is one in which you will find a value for your money. The sturdy design has 12-year unlimited warranty to ensure that you are 100% comfortable with the product that you purchased. Needless to say, this assures you quality.

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    Why should you use protravelone men’s cosmetic bag?

    1. Strong built, lightweight and spacious

    In addition to its fantastic look, the bag is absolutely strong and spacious. It is made of leather which is known to be a strong material. From your naked eyes, you can actually see this bag and agree that it was built to last for long.

    It is sturdy with a wide opening for easy removal and packing of items. The compartment zipper that is on the bottom ensures that things are nice and tidy. It also has an additional zipper pouch that keeps things like razor and toothpaste.

    2. Perfect style and size

    It is created to hold all your basic items without being heavy and bulky. Made in a style that it can perfectly fit into the backpack or even carryon bag for a travel. It is wide and facilitates storing of bigger or larger items.

    3. Value for your money

    Made of leather material, this item is basically strong. It can last for long hence serving you for a long period of time. The design and style of the product is absolutely excellent.

    It is large in size and can hold a lot of items with proper protection. This is the bag that ensures you get value for your money. It has a great ability to offer everything that you may wish for when traveling.

    4. Affordable price

    Protravelone men’s cosmetic travel bag is not that expensive when compared to what it can do for you. The price of this product is effective, hence anybody can afford it. Majority of users have praised the product and recommend it to individuals who want a travel bag.

    5. Excellent performance

    This is really a nice bag. It performs excellently with rich color. Look luxurious to make your travel trip a nice experience. Completely multifunctional; hence you can use it for travel, at work or for holding your toiletry.

    Product Benefits

    • It has spacious interior
    • Made of high quality leather with quality zipper
    • Sturdy and lightweight
    • Impressive design
    • Extra zipper pouch for toiletries
    • Vintage style
    • Its large size makes packing easier
    • It is waterproof
    • Cost effective

    The Negative Things

    • Some users complain that the bag smells
    • It is a bit bigger

    FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where is this item made?


    1. What are the dimensions of the bag?

    The base is 7.5 by 12 and 7 inches tall

    1. Is it really a leather material?

    Yes quality pure leather

    1. Is this bag waterproof?

    Absolutely yes

    1. Which color is the product?

    Comes in different colors but the most common is brown

    Final Verdict

    With the current technology that is always on the rise, the market is flooded with so many types of bags. While this has helped lower the price, it has made the decision on which bag to purchase a tough one.

    However, Protravelone Men’s Cosmetic Travel Bag stands out. It has outstanding features and incomparable durability. The sturdy design does not compromise its look or elegance. It is actually a flashy touch in every man’s belongings.


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