Toupons Canvas Travel Tote Luggage Review

Toupons Canvas Travel Tote Luggage Review

Toupons Canvas Travel Tote Luggage ReviewAre you looking for a bag that you can utilize for both short and long journey? If yes, then we implore you to purchase this weekender travel bag that’s quite expandable.

As an expert, we’ve considered a lot of bags that have claimed to be expandable but we discovered afterwards that they mostly become vulnerable to tears either early or later.

Nevertheless, we’ve found canvas travel bags that possess this feature to be highly dependable compared to others. But the amazing fact about this Toupons Canvas Travel Tote

Luggage is that it comes with fascinating features that would profit all kinds of users.
Apart from the fact that it has an enormous number of pockets, it’s a product that can be used by anyone, both male and female. Also, each of the zippers has a fabric material added underneath it so as to make the control easy.

It’s a washable bag which is not wooly. In fact, it’s a bag that’s approved by TSA and acceptable for flights. Of course, you can optionally use a shoulder strap for this and you can backpack it.

It’s a product in an ergonomic structure that doesn’t occupy much spaces and it’s not susceptible to tears either.

And guess what? It’s a lightweight tote luggage bag that children also can use. It’s not bogus but rather it’s highly attractive and comprises of highly fascinating characteristics. Notwithstanding, check out the five amazing feature that this product possesses below.

Toupons Canvas Travel Tote Luggage Review | 5 Major Features


This is a travelling bag that can be easily lugged from one place to another, how? Because it’s lightweight and can be used with or without straps.

This is a bag that has a total number of 7 pockets. It has one main pocket that’s spacious enough to accommodate quite a large volume of properties.

There are also two pockets by the sides though are not as spacious as the main compartment. And, there are pockets that are at the breadth of the bag.

Lastly, the other ones you’d find are one pocket at the back zipper and another at the inner zipper. With all these in place, you can comfortably safe your gizmos and other necessary equipment together with your luggage.


This is a traveling bag that’s TSA friendly which can be used for air flights. It has an ergonomic structure and possesses 4 diamond-shape rubber mats. The implication of this is that it aids to prevent it from sliding on plain surfaces.

Furthermore, it’s such a reliable tote travelling bag that is expandable. In other words, users can compound the bag with huge numbers of needful materials and they won’t get it torn. But rather, they would expand its size from the initial 40L to 47L.

This, indeed, makes it highly usable for lugging equipment such as work tools and other necessary materials. In a nutshell, it’s such a unique product that can be used in lugging materials from one place to another with ease.

3.Magnificent Designs

This is a product in a rectangular shape that’s black in color. It comes with a shoulder strap and users can purchase an extra for it also.

It’s made of canvas material that weighs 16oz with several zippers closing most of the compartments. Though it’s made of canvas, it’s a lightweight travel bag that weighs 2.5 pounds and it has a dimension of 20.8” (L) x 11.8” (H) x 9.8” (W).

Notwithstanding, the manufacturer has some other products of different colors that might interest you. You can simply find a product with a black, blue, army-green, black-new, coffee, grey, and grey-new on the manufacturer’s list of available products.

All of them have the same price-tags except those that don’t come with shoulder straps. They are a bit cheaper compared to those that come with it. It’s just an amazing product you’d want to find out, trust me.

4.Water Repellent

The lining of this product is made of polyester. That is, it doesn’t hold water but it retards the ease penetration of water inside or outside the bag.

The canvas material used in the construction of the product is well weaved. In fact, the zippers used also is of high quality. It’s a product that’s bound to provide maximum comforts to its users irrespective of the user’s strength.


This is a product that you can easily clean. However, it’s noteworthy that one doesn’t have to scrub it with both hands before the stains are removed.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer enjoined that users should gently clean it with a single hand and dry it afterwards before using it. This would elongate the durability of the bag.

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Why Should You Use Toupons Canvas Travel Tote Luggage?


This product comes with everything that’s needed to make the lugging super easy. It comes with a detachable strap that covers an 11.5” space from the shoulder to the top of the bag. In fact, the strap has an adjustable rubberized “band” on it.


This is a product that readily sits up straight even while it’s empty. Although it’s expandable in volume, yet it doesn’t occupy too much space.


One thing that you’d love about this product is that it’s highly affordable. The fact that you can find it in several colors doesn’t negate the fact that they are all cheap in price.

4.Customers’ Review

This is a product that quite a lot of persons have recommended to other customers for purchase. In fact, what customers like about it is of its simplicity and aesthetic designs.


It’s a product that can easily be lugged from one place to another. It can be used by both male and female, young and old.

Product Benefits

  • This product is for unisex.
  • This is a lightweight unit that has many pockets apart from the main compartment.
  • It can be expanded from 40L to 47L.
  • It’s a product that’s TSA friendly.
  • The bag is water repellent and is made of canvas materials.
  • It’s a durable travel bag that doesn’t occupy much spaces.
  • It’s highly affordable and functional.

The Negative Things

  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between this and the other ones that are listed together with it?

Answer: Absolutely there is no different. However, those that are costlier is as a result of the shoulder strap that comes with them.

  1. Can I use this for flight?

Answer: Of course, yes! You can.

  1. Are the pockets detachable?

Answer: No, they are not detachable.

  1. Do you think that I’d be able to stack other luggage upon it?

Answer: Yes, you can.

  1. How durable is the bag?

Answer: 100% durable. This is a bag that’s perfectly made.

Final Verdict

This Toupons Canvas travel bag is definitely one to watch out for. This is a product with so much amazing futuristic that can intrigue anyone. The simple design and its quality of no equal with the conventional products.

This is a product that a lot of customers have been raving about. It’s a cheap product but dependable. The manufacturer also renders quality care for customers. It’s a product that we also recommend.


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